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Private Instruction

Derek Hines

Baseball/Softball Hitting, Baseball Pitching, Outfield, Infield, Throwing(Availability Mon - Fri)

Phone: 303-523-6552

Jeff Hines

Baseball/Softball Hitting, Baseball Pitching, Infield, Outfield, Throwing, Speed and Agility

Phone: 303-422-7839

Rhett Welsh

Baseball/Softball Catching/Hitting(Availability - Fridays)

Phone: 7204031189

Jason Witczak

Baseball/Softball Hitting Instruction(Availability - Thursdays and Saturdays)

Phone: 480-415-1447

Richard Schreiner

SB Pitching

Phone: 303-368-4680

Jenny Lindstrom

SB Pitching

Phone: 303-815-4115

Tom Dedin

BB/SB Hitting, BB Pitching, Fielding, Catching

Phone: 303-601-4925

Bernard Eichenberger

BB/SB Hitting, BB/SB Pitching, Fielding, Catching

Phone: 303-257-2171

Sam Stearns

Catching, Baseball/Softball Hitting

Phone: 720-308-3184

Chris LaGrone

Strength and Conditioning, Baseball Hitting

Phone: 303-519-0462

Tracie Kithcart

SB Pitching

Phone: 303-547-5864

Julie Bowers

SB Pitching

Phone: 720-810-1780

Alexis Williams

Softball Catching, Hitting

Phone: 614-7531363

Aurelia Dancause

SB Pitching

Phone: 720-940-1382